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Saturday, March 14, 2009

And Another Blogger

I ripped this image of Lowell at night off of a new blog in the City, "Mr Mill City."  Mr City, Mark Lynch, who is on WCAP on Monday mornings in the Seven O'Clock hour, provides commentary on the daily happenings from the point of view of the Loyal Opposition--and with Democrats in charge from City Hall to the UN, that is pretty much at all levels.

A posting this week took a look at The Lowell Sun's "Back Talk" column one day.  Here is a sample of the post.  First the "Back Talk" input and then the comment from Mr City:
MASSIVE DEBT: I wonder how long it will be before the American people realize that President Obama doesn't know what he's doing?  The only possible result of his stimulus will be gargantuan levels of unemployment and national debt.  God help us all.  Chelmsford

I think folks will realize it the minute we find someone who does "know what's going on."  Until that person surfaces, we're all in a dark room feeling around for the light switch.
While Mr City talks from the point of view of the Loyal Opposition, he does understand and acknowledges that all of us are groping for answers to this economic situation. (I toyed with "crisis" vice "situation," but then wondered what word I would use if national unemployment were 15%, or 25%.  Situation for now.)

Welcome to the fray, Mr Mill City.

Regards  --  Cliff

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MarkintheCar said...


FYI, Mr. Mill City is Ned from Barstool sports and myself. I'm not a one man show. Back talk all stars is his bambino. Keep reading.