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Monday, March 30, 2009

Names and Addresses

Left in Lowell has provided us with the names, addresses, and in most cases, phone numbers for the members of the Lowell City Council.  The link is here.

Lynne also provided a link to Lowell's "E-Gov," where you can send an EMail to one or more or all of the members of the City Council.  That is here.

Also, Mimi provides the two missing phone numbers.  CC R. Elliott (978) 937-8165; CC K. Broderick (978) 937-0545.

Remember, these are phone phone numbers, so be polite and be quick.

Very nice.

Regards  --  Cliff

PS:  You don't have to agree with Lynne on the issue of the Arena to take advantage of this fine offer.  The Arena is a difficult call and there are differing views. Lynne obviously thinks the deal under consideration is dumber than dirt and wants everyone to call the City Council and tell them to just say no.  Flip side is that a better deal is going to require an investment of time and effort that may just not be available at this time.  A down turn is not a good time to make a big dollar decision.

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