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Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Good News Story

This item out of today's Boston Globe is a good news story.  And, on page 1.

Lieutenant General Richard Trefrey is a very active 84 year old member of the Army Family.  After retiring from the Army as a three-star General he then went on as a civilian to head the Army Force Management School.

About the award, The Globe reporter writes:
The award in his name will be given to soldiers and civilians who "exemplify [General] Trefry's ethos and lifetime of extraordinary and selfless service to the Army" and who have "significantly impacted the Army at large through a longstanding commitment to innovation and leadership," according to the citation.
My wife and I were at a large picnic at the Trefrey home in Prince William County, Virginia, last summer.  They have a large back lawn.  He and his wife were gracious host and hostess to about 100 people whose common link is the Internet.

Individuals like Dick trefrey are what makes our government work.  They foster the civil society side of the nation.  Congratulation and thanks.

Regards  --  Cliff

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