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Friday, March 13, 2009

Shorter Blog Posts

I have a short term goal of doing shorter blog posts.  We will see how that works out.

Driving in to DRC at about 1340 today, going south on I-93 and having just passed the off ramp for Route 133, out in the infield of the exchange I saw what I take to be a young eagle.  A large bird, standing proud, with light brown plumage in a brown field (the snow was gone).  It would have been easy to miss him.  That said, it was a fun discovery.  That said, I am open to other interpretations.

Regards  --  Cliff

PS:  To those who wondered, it was a farewell for Tom Kristoph, soon to be of Kristoph Consulting--"Learn something new every day."  Tom has been our training development lead, amongst other things, for about four years. He loves giving seminars to up and coming managers on how to be better managers. Hire him.

PPS:  We are starting to drift.

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