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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back of the Napkin—Health Care

Fran Sansalone, who blogs at Loose Threads passed along this discussion on Health Care Legislation being debated in Congress.  Go check out her post and then, after looking at the napkins, leave her a comment.  Fran lives in Reading and works in the internet communications field.

Her URL did work for me until I went to Opera as my web browser. Maybe this link will work for you.

I think he has captured it.  Current legislation pending is not about changing how we do health care, except indirectly.  It is about how it is paid for.

Regards  —  Cliff

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ncrossland said...

Actually, how we DO health care is going to be very much affected by how we PAY for health care, and thus the emotion because no matter what happens in the so-called reform, someone is going to get less than they want. In the very end, it comes down to a socialist approach where everyone gets the same (more or less) or a capitalist approach.....that bane of all liberals.

If Obamamedicine becomes the norm, our standard of care on a per capita basis will fall in order to make the funding go around. Anyone who claims otherwise is using some math that the entire universe has never heard of........