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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Advocating a Flat Tax

I went to Sissy Willis' blog, SISU:  The Light Fantastic, and the top post led to this New Yorker Magazine article on Ms Ann Romney and her horse, Rafalca, which will be going to the Olympics this summer, in a dressage event.

Part of the whining by New Yorker writer Amy Davidson was regarding how Rafalca gave Governor Romney a tax writeoff.  Just whining, no solutions.  Could not Ms Davidson suggest a flat tax with minimal deductions?  Or is that retrograde?  I would suggest that what is retrograde is bringing a problem and not bringing a solution.  As a manager one dreads the employee who brings problems, but is clueless as to possible solutions.

I also find it pitiful that this reporter, in order to diminish Governor Romney as a Presidential Candidate has to make fun of his wife finding an outlet to help her cope with her Multiple Sclerosis.

Frankly, some time back I might have taken this as a piece written in good humor (it is, after all, the New Yorker), but the political conversation seems to have moved beyond that for too many people and thus I am less accepting of the idea that what might be humor is humor.  I think Sissy Willis has this one properly characterized.

Regards  —  Cliff

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