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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fast and Wide

Every once in a while commenters pimp me about "Fast and Furious", a Federal program designed to do something.  It appears to be a linear descendent of the Bush Administration's "Wide Receiver" program, which, in coordination with the Mexican Government, attempted to determine how weapons were illegaled "walked" into Mexico, to arm drug cartel members.  

From Hot Air we have writer Ed Morrissey with a piece to wraps around a couple of Jon Stewart clips on President Obama's recent assertion of Executive Privilege.  Good clips.

I have been saying the withholding of documents by Attorney General Eric Holder and then the President's assertion of Executive Privilege have been inexplicable.

My alternative scenario is that the Executive Branch, or some part of it, undertook "Fast and Furious" as a vehicle for undermining individual rights under the Second Amendment.  As I find this scenario to be so reprehensible, I am sticking with inexplicable.

Regards  —  Cliff

  While it has been suggested in the MSM that the US is the source of weapons being used by various gangs and cartels, this may not be the case.  For example, in 2011 StratFor had an article that suggests that the US might be providing only 12% of those "illegal" weapons.
  I believe Executive Privilege to be an key part of our form of Government.  The President needs to be able to receive unvarnished advice and input and Executive Privilege means that the bearer of non-standard information will not fear seeing his or her name and thoughts published on the front page of The Washington Post.

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Jack Mitchell said...

Laughing at the notion.

Five Signs You May Be A Fast & Furious Conspiracy Theorist:
So, let’s say you want to think the Obama administration sent thousands of guns across the border in a mad plan to keep Americans from owning them at home. Here are five things you’d have to to believe in order to fully subscribe to the theory.

1.) That the Obama administration wanted to spend political capital on gun issues.

2.) That DOJ officials contemporaneously created evidence to suggest that they never knew about the tactics being used.

3.) That the number of weapons going to Mexico wasn’t already sufficient enough.

4.) The whistleblowers who brought the tactics to light were also in on the gun-control conspiracy.

5.) The White House pretended not to know about an emergency reporting rule request.