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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Looking Forward to Seeing The Pictures

With the gracious and beautiful Alegra Williams marrying the handsome Patrick O Murphy on the weekend of the 7th of July, I am looking forward to seeing the wedding photos.

I think it was a smart move to travel a distance.  Martha and I got married in Las Vegas, after driving from Tample, Florida, to her parents home in Janesville, Wisconsin, and then flying out to Southern California, before driving to Lost Wages.  Our marriage was on my Port Call for Viet-nam (fortunately, it was put off a month).  In my case, I had to do it all over again seven months later at a MacDill AFB Chapel, to save my immortal soul.

I wish the couple the very best, as I am sure we all do.  A love story within the confines of our City Government precincts is heart warming.

Regards  —  Cliff


JoeS said...

They are two people who apparently are taking their responsibilities as citizens seriously, so we should all wish them well in both their personal and public lives.

Unknown said...

Thanks to both of you. As he's off the grid, I'll pass along your well wishes and be sure to take some good photos when we get there! We're very happy for both of them.