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Thursday, July 19, 2012

No More Mr Nice Guy

Over at the Althouse blog is this post:  "Why Romney deleted the line 'He's a nice guy.'"  She is feeding off of Buzz Feed.

I liked when Governor Romney saw President Obama as a nice guy, in over his head.  It was respectful of Mr Obama as a person.  Let's face it, in this current economic situation a lot of us would be in over our head.

But, it had to get ugly as some time, so the Obama Campaign decided to go ugly early and here we are.

One friend of mine suggested he was going to the voting place rigged out in MOPP 4 due to the odor of it all.

Regards  —  Cliff


Craig H said...

It's sad but understandable that these two clowns want so badly to define this election as a trash-talk dialogue (as opposed to open conversation) that it has become the whole script. "He's being mean to me". "You started it". And so on.

Gary Johnson, for one salient example, (as well as Bay Stater Jill Stein), have offered actual ideas about the country. But we never hear any responses about those, do we.

I am SOOOOO past done paying attention to the nonsense that comes out of the D and R camps back and forth to each other like peevish little and despotic children who view the entire sandbox as theirs and theirs alone. It's ruining the country, and I say enough is enough.

"Ugly early"? This has been going on for decades and it's ridiculous for anyone to suggest someone has started anything new again.

Open letter to every D and R: "Get over yourself".

Renee said...

Why not just have an old fashioned duel....

Anonymous said...

Because only one of them would survive...and frankly...we need both of them to "move on."

Kad is korrect. The only change that has occurred is that the trash gets trashier than before...and earlier....and perhaps much more virulent in its desired end state. Sadly, what is needed will not happen anytime soon...or forever. We need a discussion of proposed solutions to real problems without all the personal attacks for not doing this or that...or for DOING this or that. Nobody from either stupid camp can claim a gold star and a place at the head of the class. Instead, they should both be banished to the dunce stool with the pointed hat prominently placed on their pointed heads.

Beyond the absolutely obscene amounts of money spent on these two bozo's political preening, we forget that the government is three pillars.....and the one that is supposed to make the laws and chart the course of the almost a sideshow in this era of ridiculous theater. Want some change?? Go after the members of Congress...and if they don't do what they were sent to do.....recall them.

The problem is that the paid for hyperbole by the Ds and Rs has gotten so ugly that there is real partisan divide in the population now.....real polarization that could just as easily turn more violent than the drama that visits our TV screens at 6 PM every weekday evening. There is real hatred out there......

Civility is largely dead.....