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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Take the Credit, Share the Blame

That is the sense from the Right Coast blog, as articulated by Tom Smith of USD.  He talks about the problems of creating a start-up business, and the role Governments plays in restraining startups.

Take the credit, share the blame.

President Obama, Ms Warren.

Regards  —  Cliff


Jack Mitchell said...

Lets be honest. If gov't gets in the way, it's because the "status quo" has bought the lawmakers and used this influence to stack the deck.

So, free marketeer, quit your whining and go out and buy yourself several members in the US House and at least 1 high ranking Senator.

Hint, committee chairs are worth the extra largesse.

Anonymous said...

It's the Chicago Way. In medieval had to pay off the church...then the local prince..usually in that order. In the 30's, it was a don or a capo or two. Today it is a Senior Executive Service guy or a political appointee...and the appointer who chairs a particular committee.

One thing is absolutely certain in America today. If God told Noah to build an ark and save a few folks and representative genus species from a scheduled on earth would be wiped out as Noah could NEVER get all the permits, waivers, licenses, do the impact studies, get the Congressional support and approval...and get Dingy Harry to bring a bill to the floor to proceed.

Jack Mitchell said...

Wrong again, Neal.

The Disclose Act was filibustered by GOPers.

Don't worry about sequestration, btw. Dick Cheney has donned his shining armor.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what Disclose Act or sequestration has to do with any of this discussion.

A red herring perhaps???

Jack Mitchell said...

What does it means? It means, if Noah worked for KBR, the process would be fast tracked and subsidized by taxpayers.

My first comment was intentionally non-partisan. But, you had parrot FOXNews. Kneejerk is unbecoming.

Craig H said...

Reading this from arm's length, and having no party affiliation whatsoever, I see nothing partisan in Neal's reference to a "Chicago Way"--Daley's machine always transcended party owing to it's being the only game in that particular town. I read in Neal's comments a direct indictment of BOTH major parties in this regulatory swamp we have allowed them to create. Jack's suggestion for free marketers to buy the requisite congresspeople is, unfortunately, not a joke--it's what has become necessary--but it is also, as he's pointed out, non-partisan as well. It's all the sad truth.

But the saddest part is that so many continue to choose to toil as mindless D and R party lemmings and provide the manual labor which props up the whole sorry mess.

If everyone is so cynical as to believe that this is the only way, then I feel sorry for them and for our country.