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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

And The Price Keeps Going Up

For John, BLUFDiversity trumping education.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Blogger and Law Professor Ann Althouse has provided "'Highlights of Diversity Forum 2013: Day 1.'".  This is for 22 October 2013.  For followers of the Althouse blog the comments are predictable.  And correct.

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Neal said...

OH PLEASE!!!! Is there a word that exceeds the dimensions of "preposterous?"

Diversity is a bunch of made up horse dung. How do we get "under-represented groups into STEM?" there a tablet from a mountaintop somewhere that proscribes percentages of "groups" for the many occupational niches found in the world? So we are going to ensure appropriate numbers of (whatever THAT means) members of who knows how many "groups" in every field...and it proves what? It benefits who? And what does that do to excellence?? But then, that too is a relative term. Some committee for the advancement of some obscure tribe of 20 souls from some lost corner of Ethiopia can be declared "excellent practitioners" by acclimation. We need "diversity" in the field of neurosurgery because WHY???? I don't want a diverse representative thrusting metal into my cerebrum. I want the best there is....and if they are all Asian.....great. BTW...I just HAD neurosurgery......done by a Vietnamese guy.......and he was excellent. But....he didn't get his BS, MD, or fellowships because of "diversity." He came here off the boat literally with almost no understanding of the English language.....and did it all.....on his own.

We need diversity because it has become an industry in which "beneficiaries" are told that without it, they cannot succeed.

What a bunch of horse hockey.