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Friday, May 23, 2014

Classified EMail to YouTube?

For John, BLUFMore transparency would be good.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

From ABC News we have this report on the Benghazi imbroglio.  The headline is "White House Contacted YouTube During Benghazi Attack, Darrell Issa Says".

The interesting part is that, allegedly, our Department of State has, apparently, classified an EMail it sent to YouTube during the attack.  Of all the silliness regarding classification of information (a very serious business) the idea that an EMail sent to a non-governmental agency is then classified to withhold it from the public (or Congress) is one of the silliest.

Trying to have it both ways.

UPDATE:  Listening to el Rushbo today while going from place to place, I learned that I missed an important point.  The White House called YouTube and then sent a [now?] classified EMail to State.  "It is a secret, but we called You Tube and asked them to take down that vile video."  I wonder if they mentioned the First Amendment?

Here is the thing.  Either you are a red blooded American who believes in Free Speech, no matter that it is offensive to this or that party, or you are some European wanna be, but without a belief in real free speech.  Just ask Mark Stein why he now lives in the US.

Regards  —  Cliff

  From The [Manchester] Guardian we have today's headline, "Pentagon report: scope of intelligence compromised by Snowden 'staggering'".  I suspect that we are talking about lives at risk that makes the Valerie Plame problem look small.  Mr Snowden did serious damage to our national security.

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