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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Not Much Tolerance Out There

For John, BLUFTolerance for me, but not for thee.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

This kind of reminds one of the Cracker Barrel incident.  Home and Garden Network (HGTV) has pulled a show because of the social/political views of the two stars.  The headline at Breitbart is "Christian Hosts Lose HGTV Show for Opposing Homosexuality, Abortion".  The lede:
Deadline reports that HGTV has pulled a home-flipping reality series after receiving pressure from the leftist Right Wing Watch. The Benham brothers were set to star in "Flip It Forward" until Right Wing Watch reported Tuesday that the Christian brothers opposed homosexuality and abortion:
So, it isn't the overall record of HGTV that counted (Deadline reports "HGTV also announced it had greenlighted a design competition show from Ellen DeGeneres."), but each individual act.  Diversity, it appears, does not exist in any large measure on the Progressive portion of the social/political spectrum, at least with Right Wing Watch.

Hat tip to the Instapundit.

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Neal said...

As Aristotle observed, "Tolerance is the LAST virtue of a dying society." That is true because, just before death is pronounced, the loudest whiners and politically powerful will mandate tolerance ONLY for their beliefs...but not for anybody else.

When the atheist and LGBT communities, arguably in single digit percentages of the American population, can turn society on its head and make unilateral demands that are regarded as mandates on the 90%+ majority....we are in serious trouble.

Begin with freedom which today is becoming radically regulated by special interest groups aided and abetted by the Federal government.

Renee said...

This was posted on Facebook, but was referenced Prof. Althouse's blog.

"Deirdre Mundy: I had someone do this to me in a Gay Marriage debate once. She googled up my address, my husband's place of work, and threatened to call his library board because of my opposition to gay marriage.

Completely creepy. Luckily, we live in small-town, church-going, southern IN, so my views aren't particularly off the wall. However, if we'd lived in a city, she could have totally gotten him fired over my insistence on stating Catholic teaching.

People who refuse to use their real names online should not have the luxury of threatening those of us who do use our names.

It was on Althouse's blog. She ended up banning that commenter, and now moderates comments. One toxic person can really ruin a blog community."

Shouldn't the producers move ahead and let the ratings decide? But if the producers moved ahead, would they be blacklisted themselves?

We live in a world with the right to associate or no associate with people, no matter if the disagreement isn't relevant to what what is being produced/done.