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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Steady, Mass Dems

For John, BLUFThe worst thing the Mass GOP could do to the Mass Dems would be to go away.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Over at The Boston Globe, on Tuesday, was an OpEd by a certain Tom Keane, titled "A 'letter' to Mark Fisher from Mass Democrats".  Mr Mark Fisher is, of course, the other person running for the Republican nomination for Governor.  In this Open Letter, Mr Keane compares Mr Fisher to Ms Marisa DeFranco, Esq.  I have met Ms DeFranco and was, frankly, favorably impressed.  But, what I see as a failure on the part of the Mass Democratic Party Mr Keane sees as a failure, but from a different direction. You can read the short OpEd here.

Here is the payoff paragraph:

Thanks to you, Mark, I think it’s a lock for us this November. And please know how much we appreciate your efforts. Perhaps your manufacturing business might need a loan or some state contracts? Just drop us a line. Or maybe you’ve got a few shiftless family members looking for gainful employment? We can help. Not Probation, of course (ha!), but there are still lots of state agencies where the number one job qualification is that we just give the word.
OK, so Mr Keane is having fun with Massachusetts Republicans.  It is all good clean fun and I liked the way he wrapped Ms DeFranco into his story.

What Mr Keane needs to keep in mind is that if the Mass Republican Party were to go away it would fracture the Mass Democrat Party.  If the Mass GOP goes away then some would join the Libertarian Party and some might try to form a Tea Party Party, but a bunch would just go unenrolled.  Those folks would then be free to vote in Democrat Primaries.  The Colleen Garry's of the Commonwealth would prosper, but others, with a less stellar record might find their margin in Primaries diminished—assuming, of course, that folks saw the changed terrain and challenged the more Progressive of our legislators.

In the end, it might create an environment wherein Ms Marisa DeFranco could be a serious challenge to Ms Elizabeth Warren.

Alternatively, the Mass GOP could be taken over by serious people who want a serious platform and serious candidates.


The duty of an Opposition is to oppose.
Lord Randolph Henry Spencer Churchill
Amongst Others
Regards  —  Cliff

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