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Monday, May 19, 2014

Ms Jill Abramson

For John, BLUFSome bosses are troublesome.  Just saying.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

In reading a story about the departure of Ms Jill A from The New York Times, in The New York Times, by Mr David Carr, I came across what Mr Cobb said was a favorite word of Ms Abramson:


Spelled "tsuris" in my computer's dictionary, it is from the Hebrew and it means "trouble or woe; aggravation."

So "tsoris" (tso͝oris) is the word of the day.

Yes, as Professor Althouse says, Ms Abramson was fired, per the NYT, for being a B----.  Apparently women have not yet earned the right to be tough, difficult bosses.  The other explanation for the firing is that The Times was not paying her what it had been paying men to do the same work and she challenged them on it, which would also make her a B----.

Regards  —  Cliff

  Best Althouse line—"Liberals retreat to the position right-wingers always take, the high ground of meritocracy and individualism."  I am sure she meant "Progressives".

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Neal said...

I wonder if Carly Fiorina was just a sweet, low key fall in line kind of boss? Of course, everyone knows that the new CEO of GM is Dorothy Domestic.....right?

Some years back, I attended a graduation ceremony at Lackland AFB, Texas. Gathered were all the commanders in Air Training Command (before it became AETC). After the ceremony, there was a celebration party at one of the several huge community centers on the base. At the time, the training center commander for Chanute AFB was a female 2 star, Wilma Vaught. She wanted to party, and of course, her retinue of male Colonels had to join in. It was comical to watch. She loved to dance, was a tall woman, not particularly a sex object.....and kept that whole bevy of Colonels dancing. I never saw a single smile....and many of them spent extended time in the men's room. She was a great commander I am told......but the boys didn't much go for it. Was that sexual harassment?