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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bridges to Somewhere

For John, BLUFWe have one new bridge, the Howe Bridge, but now we need more.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

LIVE BLOGGING:  Transportation Subcommittee, 11 Aug 2015

1732—Folks are filtering in.

1734—City Councilor Jim Milinazzo calls meeting to order and recognizes City Manager, who introduces the presenters.

1735—City Traffic Engineer introduces the topic and talks to the intersection of VFW Highway and Bridge Street.

1740—City Coucilor Bill Martin asks about when traffic is congested.

1741—There is some discussion of dealing with the traffic and the lights.

1745—City Councilor, not on the subcommittee, asks about southbound on Bridge, turning east on VFW Highway.

1746—Response is two left turn lanes there.

1749—Councilor Leahey, of the subcommittee, asks if these will be smart lights.

1749—Each lane will have its own detection, helping to run the "phases".  It runs through a complete cycle, but it adjusts.  A long gap between vehicles may terminate that specific phase.

1752—City Councilor Leahy asked about the down ramp at the Hunts Fall Bridge rotary.

1752—Told that the merge is either at the top of the ramp or the bottom.  No advantage to a two lane down ramp.

1755—CC Kennedy asks about the problems during construction.

1755—September to September 2016. Originally an exclusive and a concurrent phase, but going to an all concurrent phase.

1758—CC KennedyLength of Light Cycle.

1758—About 90 seconds.

1759—CC Samaras asks if the High School student traffic was considered

1759—Yes.  And we have extended the signal time.

1801—What happens with smart lights when emergency vehicles interrupt the light cycle?

1801—The main line will typically come back.

1802—Contractors will remove the asphalt medians, the monument will come out, going back in different location.  Islands will be rebuilt.

1805—MassDOT promises one lane in each direction and two during rush hour.

1806—Gas folks are doing their work now.  Storm drains are being tied it.

1807—Michael Harrington.  Currently work now being done at night but soon switching to daytime.  Only sign re work time has only one sign, under the rotary bridge.  [Promise to move signage.]  Alternate route is is down 1st Street, which is crowded.  Anything being done to help? What about the old down ramp Reed Street exit?  Can someone come to our next Centerville Neighborhood Meeting?  [Promise to attend.]

1813—Sarah White.  My interest in the Lord Overpass, especially as it impacts local peds.  Need walkability between East and West Dutton Street.  And the railroad tracks and those hazards regarding Peds.

1817—City Manager says item on City Council Agenda for tonight re Lord Overpass, so presentation in the offing.

1818—Ann Marie Page.  Merging and yielding is something that people have trouble with.  Parking?  [No spaces lost.  Illegal parking is another issue, for the City.]  I remember the Hunts Falls down ramp.  Problem was no route for emergency vehicles.  Re the monument, we were promised it would be cleaned and refurbished, with a black wrought-iron fence.

1824—Paul Early.  Count down light for Peds?

1824—Motion to accept report.  Made and Passed.

1824—Motion to adjourn.  Made and Passed.

Regards  —  Cliff

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