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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

City Life Questions

For John, BLUFAudience participation was hard today.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

I have been watching City Life on the Internet today and it has been a terrible experience.  The video and audio are not matched up and interruptions are every few minutes.  As an indication, the audio of City Life continued to 0809, while the video of Nation of Change, came up at 0800, as expected.

Yes, I called LTC a minute ago.  Got the operator's recorded message.

On City Life, yesterday, the issue of colonialism came up, regarding Puerto Rico, and eventually slid over to the Philippines.  It was suggested that we colonized the Philippine Islands as a racial thing—we were "White" and the people of the Philippines weren't.  Perhaps at some level that might be true, if you believe that Caucasians of both the Christian and Muslim persuasions, as religious people, wish to spread their understanding of God to others.  And, if you believe that urge is inherent in their Caucasianness.  Interestingly, Jews don't have this same urge.

But, when we won the Spanish American War there were those in the US, including in the US Congress, who felt it was our duty to bring Christianity to the Peoples of the Philippines.  That would be the Protestant version of Christianity, given that many Filipinos were Roman Catholic  As a result of the Philippines being colonize out of Mexico in 1565, under the explorer Miguel López de Legazpi, the Philippines gradually became Catholic in the northern island, while remaining Muslim in the Southern Part.  Mexico was the Colonial master until 1821, when Mexico broke away from Spain.  From that point on, Spain ruled the Philippines directly.  And Roman Catholicism was the state religion.

We paid Spain $20 million in compensation for them losing the Philippines, and later paid $7.2 million to the Vatican for large tracks of land owned by various friaries.  Back in those days that was real money.

So, the exit question is, why are Filipinos not Hispanic?

Hat tip to the InstaPundit.

UPDATE:  I called LTC about 1000 and got through.  I explained the problem and asked them to call me back when they had resolved it.  Ten minutes later they called back.  They had made adjustments to synch up the audio and video.  Excellent.

Regards  —  Cliff

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