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Friday, August 14, 2015

Mass Republican [Official] View of Presidential Race

For John, BLUFThere will be a lot of trash talked before this Presidential season is over.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

In today's edition of The [Lowell] Sun is an article from the State House News Service (By Reporters Matt Murphy and Colin A. Young).  It is headlined "Mass. GOP looking beyond Trump".

The problem is, the article is about Republicans in the State House (of course, it IS the State House News Service).  Well, they did mention National Committeewoman Chanel Prunier, who backs Senator Rand Paul.

Here is a sample from the fairly long article (1760 Words):

Gov. Charlie Baker, in a radio interview on Thursday, criticized Trump, who has been in the news for days after initiating a spat with Fox News host Megyn Kelly over her pointed questioning during the debate.  In the aftermath, Trump has made several comments considered to be disparaging toward women.

Though Baker has been reluctant to share his opinions on national politics in great detail, and is unlikely to endorse before the general election, he served up a pointed admonishment of Trump on Boston Public Radio.

"I was raised by my parents, you know, in a certain way and I find a lot of those comments to be reprehensible, outrageous and ridiculous, and I wish he would take them back," Baker said.

House Minority Leader Brad Jones is equally unimpressed with his party's surging frontrunner at the moment.

"To me, Donald Trump is the letter to the editor you write late at night and hopefully put in your top drawer and never send," said Jones, who called himself "not the biggest Trump fan."

In reading this offering we should keep in mind "the latest figures put together by political scientists at Georgetown and Princeton universities", as reported in The Boston Globe (9 August 2015):
It’s not that Massachusetts Democrats are particularly left wing.  Relative to legislators in a number of other states, they’re fairly moderate.  In New York and Vermont, the Democratic caucuses lean further left, and the same is true in a handful of redder states, like Arizona and Wisconsin.

The reason Massachusetts ranks so high on the list of liberal legislatures is that there are almost no conservative members.  Not only do Democrats control about 80 percent of both houses, but the few Republicans who do hold seats are pretty centrist.  They have roughly the same political preferences as Democrats in Oklahoma, and they’re actually further left than Democrats in Arkansas.

That should tell you something right there.  And, you should ask, what are the real Republicans thinking?  What we are seeing is the views of the "down town [Boston]" Republicans, who hope the "grass roots" Republicans will just fall into line.  The problem is, those of us out in the sticks may not be like those on Beacon Hill.  If you are looking for a watchword, it might be that Mr Donald Trump is the replacement for Andrew Breitbart, mining the seam of unhappiness that is out there.  The unhappiness with Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) and with the PC Police.

As you read the article, ask yourself where were the comments from the Chairpersons of Town and City Committees?  Where were the comments from the Greater Lowell Tea Party?  Where were comments from MARA, the Massachusetts Republican Assembly?

Will there be companion pieces talking to what local Republicans think?  I would hope so.  When you look at the article you note that not even Lowell's surrogate Republican Legislator, David Nangle, was mentioned.

Actually, it is worse.  When the folks from Beacon Hill come to Lowell they don't bother to meet with the folks in the trenches, the folks who are part of the official Lowell Republican City Committee.  It is truly the "down town" Republicans vs the "grass roots" Republicans.

As a side note, I am not for Mr Trump.  I am for Governor Scott Walker.  Just saying.  And, back on 5 March of this year I picked Governor Walker for the Republican nominee.

Not everyone sees it that way—Talking to you, Rick.

Regards  —  Cliff

  If you read The New York Times, that would be "Governor Scott".

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