Saturday, January 9, 2016

Refugee Success in Michigan Described

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Refugees are in the news these days and not always because of successful settlement and integration.  Here is more of a "good news" story, by Mr Dan Meloy of The [Boston] Pilot, "Catholic Charities Answers Misconceptions Over Resettling Refugees in Michigan".  The dateline is 29 December 2015.

Here is the beginning of the article, which is worth reading in the whole.

As war and violence continue to rage in Iraq and Syria, hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled their homeland to find security, regardless of what the future may hold.

Refugees making their way toward Europe and the United States are seeking a better, safer life, refugee advocates said.

At the same time, many politicians and citizens have begun debating the country's moral and political responsibility when it comes to assisting those in need and defending the country's borders.

Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan has resettled 400 refugees in the state and wants to help more in collaboration with federal and state officials. Along with partners that include the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants and Lutheran Social Services of Michigan, the agencies have settled an estimated 1,500 refugees in metropolitan Detroit.

Jeralda Hattar, director of refugee and immigration services for Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan, said there are misconceptions about resettling refugees from Iraq and Syria despite the fact that refugee resettlement in the region is nothing new.

The whole refugee issue is very complex and our duties toward our fellow man sometimes fall into conflict with our duties toward our local community.  The truly moral person will try to learn and to sort out those issues.

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