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Monday, January 4, 2016

Tiger Cubs Abound

For John, BLUFTiger Moms produce kids who excel.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Blogger Stuart Schneiderman (Had Enough Therapy?) gives us "Decadent Underachievers".

This is a discussion of Asian students in school and trying to get into University. My friend Dean sent along this comment with the URL:

There was an old Doonesbury cartoon, where parents of Caucasian kids try to have a chat with the mother of an Asian kid.  They want her to make her kid perform less well ("You know, fail a test or two, it's character building!"), because her kid is setting a BAD example for them.  (It reflects, apparently, on their parenting.)
Frankly, it is time for Americans to man up.  It isn't easy.  I struggled in school, but I had friends who did well and helped drag me along.  I was convinced (by parents, teachers and classmates) that I was expected to due my part, to work hard.

I also learned that we all had a heritage of which to be proud.

As I told Dean,

But, there are folks pulling for success.  Way back when, in High School, one day the Social Studies teacher, whose name I forget, said to the student who he suggested was Nisei, that she should be proud of being Japanese-Amwrican and claimed that he had been an officer in the (WWII) 442nd Infantry Regiment.  And then he talked about the 442 for the period.
We need to each do our best to do our duty and to perform as well as we can, and we each need to encourage each other to do well and to try hard, and we each need to clear any roadblocks we see in the way of anyone's progress.  And there are roadblocks to be cleared, be you Asian, or Black or hispanic or Poor White Trash or the victim of a less than stellar upbringing, be it a broken home, or poverty or parents who don't care.

Regards  —  Cliff

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