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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ms Clinton Looks Ahead

For John, BLUFIt is a cesspit around Ms Clinton.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Per Reporter Mark Matthews of the Denver Post, yesterday.

So Ms Clinton is already looking forward to the future, and given her commanding lead, why not?

The Transition begins, officially on 8 November 2016, after the election results are in, and ends on Inauguration Day, 20 January 2016.

Of course not everyone is happy with Former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar as Ms Clinton's pick to head her transition team.

For instance here is Michelle Malkin in Rasmussen Reports"Hillary's Headhunter:  Sleazeball Ken Salazar".

Regards  —  Cliff

  The always unreliable LA Times has Ms Clinton at 44.2% and Mr Trump at a trailing 43.2%.  But, she will be triumphant in November, as all my Democratic Party and Unenrolled friends tell me.

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