Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Register So You Can Vote

For John, BLUFEncourage your friends.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

I subscribe to Reporter Joshua Miller's daily newsletter, "Political Happy Hour", to get the latest tidbits about politics down in Boston, and around the Commonwealth.  It is quick and it is interesting.

Today's inputs include a link to the salaries for the City of Cambridge.  Top salary is the City Manager, at $330,000.

On page VII-58 of the Lowell FY2017 Budget, our City Manager is listed at $190,000.  That means four Cambridge City Employees make more than Kevin Murphy, and three are within $3,000.

So for all those who whine about the salaries of the 1%, back in August of last year, the top 1% in Boston earned $529,343 PA.

However, the important point was this:

PSA FOR MASS. RESIDENTS, via press release: “Secretary of the Commonwealth William F. Galvin reminds Massachusetts residents that the deadline to register to vote or to change party enrollment for the September 8 state primary is Friday, August 19. Persons who are U.S. citizens, residents of Massachusetts, and who will be at least 18 years old on or before the State Primary are eligible to register to vote. …”
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Regards  —  Cliff

  I think we get a lot for our money up here in Lowell.  City Manager Murphy provides good value for money.

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