Monday, August 8, 2016

Reform at the Democratic National Committee

For John, BLUFJust to add to your pessimism about the Big Parties.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Here is a pessimistic view by Professor Robert Reich.
The shake-up at the Democratic National Committee after an embarrassing breach of its email system continued Tuesday with the departure of three senior officials.

But purging the DNC of top officials won’t remedy the DNC’s problems. Those problems aren’t attributable to individuals who didn’t do their jobs. To the contrary, those individuals probably fulfilled their responsibilities exactly as those jobs were intended to be done. The DNC’s problems are structural.

.  .  .

What’s needed is structural reform. The DNC has to turn itself – and the Democratic Party – into a grass-roots membership organization, with local and state chapters that play a meaningful role in selecting and supporting candidates.

I am guessing that means no more "superdelegates".  For a while in this Election Season, early in the Primaries, there were Democrats, like WCAP's Sam Polton, going around saying it was just like the Republicans, but it is not.  Superdelegates are the way the DNC maintains control of the process, so as to avoid getting the "wrong person" nominated.  The Republicans have no such safety break.

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