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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Democrats for (or against) Immigration

For John, BLUFDemocrats have been all over the immigration map in the last few decades.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Flashback:  Jerry Brown, Biden and other Dems refused to accept Vietnamese refugees

From The World Tribune and its Staff, 30 January 2017.

Here is the lede plus four:

Some liberal Democrats are fighting back tears when discussing President Donald Trump’s travel ban on Muslims from seven nations.

But in 1975, leftist Dems went to great lengths to keep Vietnamese refugees (even orphans) out of the United States.

Trump issued the order, the White House said, so that a better system to vet refugees coming from those nations can be put into place.

The Democrat complaints in 1975 appeared to center on the fact that the refugees were escaping communism, an ideology, analysts say, liberals did not find that objectionable.

Leading the effort to ban the Vietnamese refugees was California’s Gov. Jerry Brown. Other prominent Democrats calling for the ban were Delaware’s Sen. Joe Biden, former presidential “peace candidate” George McGovern, and New York Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman.

Remember that Governor Jerry Brown is not the same as his Father, Governor Pat Brown, who was a real Democrat.

The thing is that these Democrats lost on their stand and now Orange County, California is 17.9% Asian American, with 6.1% of the 3 million plus residents being of Viet-namese extraction.  Former Viet-namese Prime Minister Nguyễn_Cao_Kỳ came to Orange County, where, for a while he ran a liquor store.  He is buried in Whittier, California.

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