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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Patriot Missiles for Poland

For John, BLUFAnd about time.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Here is the sub-headline:

Poland has signed an agreement to buy the Patriot missile defence system from the US, in a move that is likely to anger Russia.

This is an anonymous story from The Beeb, 28 March 2018.

Here is the lede plus one:

President Andrzej Duda said the "historic" $4.75bn (£3.4bn) deal gave Poland "state-of-the-art" defences.

It follows reports that Russia had permanently deployed nuclear-capable missile systems in its territory of Kaliningrad, which borders Poland.

This is a culmination of efforts by the Obama Administration to help strengthen NATO defense in Eastern Europe.

Don't be silly.  President Obama scratched this deal while in Office and President Trump is the one executing a new deal.  It does raise questions as to the veracity and the sanity of folks like former CIA Director (and current talking head) John Brennan.

Hat tip to Jim Buba.

Regards  —  Cliff

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