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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Are We Going to Mess Up Over Honduras?

For a refresher, the former President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, seeing himself as another Hugo Chávez, started trying to do things that ran around the Constitution, the Legislature and his own Attorney General.

Finally the Honduran Supreme Court said he was out of control and told the Army to arrest him.  Think about it.  Those people in the black robes staging a "coup."  Well, it wasn't a coup.

But, the US blunders ahead (from The Washington Times):
A U.S. State Department official told the Reuters news agency on Thursday that department staff have recommended that the ouster of Mr. Zelaya formally be declared a "military coup," which could deprive Honduras of millions of dollars in aid beyond about $18 million already suspended.
Are we concerned about what President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela says?

Here is what one person, not President Hugo Chávez said recently:
This is just hair-pulling dumb.   Dumbness following dumbness.   Be outraged; rattle the trees, sponsor negotiation.   But cutting off further aid?   More sanctions?  Wonder what the Hondurans think of their long-time ally now?   Wonder what Central America thinks?
No, this is not Kad Barma—not the use of capital letters. This is a person used to teach strategy at one of our war colleges here in the US.

Latin America is so important to the United States and is treated as such a backwater.  It is sad.

Regards  —  Cliff

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