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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Neighborhood Initiatives

This think this is a good thing.  One might wish it to go faster, but Lowell is a fairly big city and money is short.

The City is beginning a Neighborhood Impact Initiative.
Lowell was recently the site for a study which proved the validity of the “broken windows” theory of neighborhood stabilization and crime reduction.  Cleaning up and repairing the infrastructure and overall appearance of neighborhoods has been proven in Lowell to reduce crime and prevent further deterioration.  Next Thursday on August 13th at 6 p.m. the City Manager’s Neighborhood Impact Initiative will kick-off in Moulton Square in Centralville.  The Neighborhood Impact Initiative was introduced as a comprehensive program to stabilize and revitalize our low- and moderate-income neighborhoods through the concentrated investment of staff and financial resources of all of the City’s departments to supplement existing city-wide efforts.
I think this is a very good thing.  While I know there are studies that bring into question the "broken windows" theory, my intuitive sense is that keeping after those broken windows is important.

Regards  —  Cliff

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