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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Patrick Murphy Out and About

To quote from his Press Release:
In walking the city, Murphy has been heartened by the response.  Campaigning in all kinds of weather—the torrential rain this past Saturday, and the extreme heat just weeks ago—Murphy has worked hard to spread his positive message, his priorities on the council, and his sense of responsible leadership.  The Campaign is on schedule to reach its hopes of canvassing all of Lowell, as Murphy seeks to represent the whole of the city, not simply become the surrogate for a few.

Since his blue and white signs were printed little over a week ago, well over a hundred of Patrick Murphy's have been placed on private property, with many more to go up later this week. As the campaign's signs, message, and recognition have spread, so has the support and volunteerism increased for it.
I can't vouch for Patrick Murphy, but I know his Mother and Father were out and about in my part of the Belvedere.  Signs popped up and people were canvased.  I found out that the two parents are former school teachers.

I like Mr Murphy's letter to Governor Deval Patrick, concerning our now lost Preliminary Election.  Well written and clear.  Made a good case, although apparently not good enough.  On the other hand, I didn't do any better.

In a move that might appeal to Kad Barma, amongst others, Patrick Murphy, at his web site, says of elections:
We must therefore also change the larger system itself. I intend to lead by example, to refuse campaign donations, to forgo the councilors’ stipend and benefits, to clear a path to victory that turns this deeply flawed system upside down and widens what is thought possible for future elections.
This will be a test of if big money is needed to win elections in the city.  With people in 2007 spending tens of thousands of dollars, Mr Murphy will be giving us a good example of it smart campaigning, with the proper message, can win a seat on the City Council.

And, Mr Patrick Murphy seems to have a sense of humor.  Check out the picture.

Regards  —  Cliff

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