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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

After Greece, LA

Columnist George Will thinks that Los Angeles is heading toward the kind of problem Greece is now facing.  But, the column is in Newsweek which might collapse before Greece.

I wonder where Lawrence is in this race, given that even with a $35 million infusion from the Commonwealth's taxpayers it is laying off about 30 each firefighters and police.

Hat tip to Instapundit.

Regards  —  Cliff

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ncrossland said...

As a curious spectator across the border, and based on recent news reports, my guess is that Lawrence would be money ahead if it would lay off (or convict) all or most of its civic leadership. Certainly, they could begin with the public school management gang (and I believe "gang" is an appropropriate term).

The story of the Bolger Bros is emblematic of MA politics....the major differences between Whitey and Billy being only their respective mob affiliations.

One pundit, whose name I can't recall, wryly observed that the difference between Little Timmy Geithner and bank robbers is that Timmy is white collar and is paid by the Federal government (well, AT LEAST BY....).

George Will is in my opinion one of the most incisive thinkers of today.

On the news yesterday, there was a discussion about the San Diego high school that sent kids home for wearing American Flag tee shirts on Cinqo de Mayo day. It has come to light that the school sponsors a club for Chicano students the founding principle for which is that Southern CA was stolen from the Mexicans who must now take it back as a birthright. Sure a far cry from the old Glee Club of the past.

Entitlement.....whether historically bestowed or governmentally provided.....will always be the downfall of any civilization. When everything belongs to everyone and everyone is entitled to everything, then rather quickly what everyone gets is nothing. Todays delusional socialists forget that in order to give everyone everything, someone has to provide it to begin with....but if we are all waiting in line at the receiving end......well.....the transfer pipe will be empty.

But HEY....what does a radical right wing Christian conservative with guns know about socio-economics?