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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Looking for Crime

I picked up what I thought was the Saturday Lowell Sun, hoping to read the "Chat", but found I had Friday's edition.  I wondered why Kendall Wallace had the headline "AG Coakley's hanky-jpanky probe is the real crime".  Then I saw Columnist Peter Lucas' picture and by-line.  I read it anyway.

So, at the end, I see where the board at Beth Israel Medical Center has "fined" its Chief Executive Officer, Paul Levy, $50,000 for improper conduct.  Reading between the lines, conduct that would get me fired under the sexual harassment rules.  But, folks at higher levels tend to not face the same rules as those of us in the trenches.

So why did they then pass it over to the AG?  Did she pressure them, saying that if they didn't pass it over she would make life miserable for everyone?  And, don't you think $50,000 would have made up for any accounting problems?  Bringing in the AG seems like using a sledge hammer when a tack hammer would have done nicely.  I guess I will be paying attention to see how this develops.

Regards  —  Cliff

  You want an example?  Aside from Paul Levy, what about W J Clinton and the "blue dress".  Along with too big to fail, we have too big to fire.  OK, I admit that I thought it was not a firing offense for Mr Clinton, but I did think that the rest of the country should have said shame until he hung his head and promised never to do it again (or never to get caught, your choice).  And, there is the whole John 8:7 issue down in DC.  The Eliot Spitzer thing doesn't work here, since the woman didn't work for him.  I am not sure why he resigned, unless his wife told him it was resign or else.  Maybe the Feds had him on money laundering and cut him a private deal.  I wonder if I would get a "private" deal?

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ncrossland said...

If you are a "purveyor of power" (and perhaps I should add "public policy") you never, EVER, let a good crisis (or in this case "instance of misconduct")go to waste.

This is nothing more (or less) than the political glitteratti jumping on a good thing while it has "energy."