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Monday, May 3, 2010

Blame the Republicans

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was a Republican, after all.

Here is one take on how New Orleans is lagging behind in reconstruction after Hurricane Katrina.  Maybe they are allergic to the word "reconstruction".

My solution would have been to shift the population and shops inland, to higher ground, and connect them to the port by high speed rail. Something about Proverbs 29:18 comes to mind.

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Regards  —  Cliff

 Just kidding.
  The AV has it: "Where there is no vision, the people perish".


Craig H said...


I'm not sure I even begin to understand the attempt to politicize this age-old story of bureaucratic sclerosis.

Buried in the links within the links are loaded terms like "conceded", attributed to the city's "deputy chief administrative officer", to describe the improvement in FEMA's effectiveness since Katrina, even while observing its overall impotence.

From what I can see, the only people attaching party tags to this are the ones trying to flog partisan positions for political gain, which, to my mind, is even worse than watching bureaucrats be bureaucrats.

Makes me appreciate the Massachusetts National Guard's responsiveness to recent flooding, and the current drinking water situation here. In my opinion, somebody ought to be writing more about that, and offering it as an example. Last I heard, none of the MA guard officers were advertising political designations while they got to work.

ncrossland said...

Just to fling a little fuel on a smoldering fire, this is the same Federal bureaucracy that promises to "reform" and "improve" national health care. Or is it "reform who pays for national health care and how that payment will be made?"

Well, no matter, had it not been for Bush, we wouldn't have all these problems would we? We let "George do it" and he did it....right?"

So, just wondering, what has Bobby Jindal or Mary Landreaux done for the problem???

Yeah....I thought so.