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Friday, May 21, 2010

World Cup Soccer Tournament Problem

I am posting this as a service to Kad Barma, who likes Soccer, and also Ron Smits, who also likes Soccer.

Alex Beam, in an item in the "G Section" of The Boston Globe today writes "Is the World Cup bad for you?.

Since it was in the "G Section" one would expect to find it on line in the same location.  One forgets that this is The Boston Globe.  It was filed under:

But, to the article:
Where were you in January 2008?  I know where I was; pawing through the New England Journal of Medicine’s disturbing overview “Cardiovascular Events During World Cup Soccer.’’  A team of no fewer than 11 German health professionals — the same number as on a soccer side — analyzed acute cardiac events in Munich during the five weeks of the 2006 World Cup, held in Germany.

Their conclusion:  World Cup bad for you!  “Viewing a stressful soccer match more than doubles the risk of an acute cardiovascular event,’’ Ute, Helmut, Christoph, Gerhard & Co. wrote.  “In view of this excess risk, particularly in men with known coronary heart disease, preventive measures are urgently needed.’’
Sure, Mr Beam does provide a different view from Italian doctors, but still, when the Germans are concerned we should all be concerned.  For example, the German's are concerned about Greek financial stability, and thus so should we be concerned.  Same for soccer and health.  Or football, if you are a European.

Regards  —  Cliff

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Craig H said...

File this one under the heading "hurts so good".