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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Mexican President and Arizona

In today's Boston Globe we have an article on the visit of the Mexican President to the United States—"Calderón could address Arizona law—US visit affords Mexico’s leader a chance to vent".
MEXICO CITY — President Felipe Calderón arrives in Washington this week for a two-day state visit that was supposed to be a celebration of US-Mexican cooperation in his drug war.  Instead, it is likely to showcase Mexico’s frustration over Arizona’s tough new immigration law, which Calderón has described as anti-Mexican.
This is pure hutzpa.  Given Mexico's own laws with regard to illegal immigrants, the Arizona law is mild in comparison.

I would love to learn that our President had said to President Felipe Calderón during his upcoming visit that while he (Obama) deplores the Arizona law, it is not as bad as Mexico's own law, and if President Calderón is looking for Washington to play a role in the situation in Arizona, then he (Calderón) should butt out of this ongoing US internal discussion.

Even better, our President could point out that polling indicates that 64% of US Citizens favor the Arizona law.  That is a bigger percentage than elected Senator Obama President.

Regards  —  Cliff

  One assumes illegals duck polls.


dprosenthal said...

How nice of the President to arrange a warm welcome and a diplomatic dinner for the Presiden of Mexico = no doubt showing a lot more courtesy and respect than was afforded Israel's Prime Minister.
After all, the Mexican President has severely criticized America for not wishing to gladly accept most of his country's poor and sick so that Mexico need not be burdened with them, and is doing such a masterful job in containing his country's drug lord wars by pushing them further north.

ncrossland said...

Obuma has continued to demonstrate his profound foreign affairs illiteracy. Welcome a neighbor to the south whose goal is to make HIS problems OUR problems...and at the same time...get hoodwinked by a sawed-off threat to world peace in Iran. Oh...I forgot...Hillary crowed this afternoon that we have a "strong" partnership with China and Russia to levy "severe" sanctions against Iran. Those sanctions sure have altered their behavior thus far. Policy is nothing more than hollow words without strong power to back them. This Presidential failure is too stupid to even understand that basic principle.

We're screwed.