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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Does the College Matter

With a hat tip to Instapundit here is a comment on US higher education and a reason for concern.  The source of the concern is the lack of diversity on the Supreme Court of the United States.  The good news in that regard is that the current nominee, Ms Kagan, is not a total cookie cutter version of the current members.

As some of you may have already guessed, this post from Chicago Boyz is one that I find I agree with.

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Renee said...

There was some interesting commentary over at Mercator...

From the editor who went to Harvard

"I recall an orientation week gathering with the guys across the hall. They had their faults but I mustn't malign them with accusations of diffidence or false modesty. After a couple of beers, they started to compare their smarts. The first fellow had been the top student in New York State; the second had a perfect SAT score; the third was embarrassed to reveal that he was a couple of points shy of a perfect… By that time I had slunk out.
However, subsequent events that year persuaded me that these were not the sort of guys who ought to be running countries, with the possible exception of uninhabited tax havens with like the Cayman Islands. IQ isn’t everything. Isn’t it time that the diversity mantra was intoned in the American judicial and executive branches? "

Very early on in life I realize there wasn't really anything great about being smart, excuse me gifted in of itself. And you wonder why teenagers lives are so empty when all society values is IQ.