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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Picking Fonts

In my family there is a division between the Serif Font side and the Sans-Serf Font people.  This division came up in class a couple of weeks ago, when someone asked the Professor what font to use when submitting a manuscript to a publisher.  The consensus was a serif font, like Times New Roman.  I demurred.

Which brings us to Occupy Wall Street, or in this case, Occupy Dallas.  Julie, at the Happy Catholic blog site is apparently in the advertising dodge, which led to this post on fonts.
There is nothing worse for protesters than to have a bunch of people working in advertising looking out the window.  No matter what our personal political views, there is one thing we can agree on.

NEVER use an open-face type to print a protest sign.

Use Helvetica. Keep it simple.
Read more at Julie's post.

Regards  —  Cliff


the other cliff said...

San Serif fonts are an abomination before the Lord for which one will surely burn in Hell! The only sin worse is the use of a monospace serif font like Courier. There is not a level of Hell low enough for users of Courier.

Martha, the Other Half of the Pitchfork Pair said...

At least one of the kids got it right.