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Monday, September 15, 2014

How Washington Self-Organizes

For John, BLUFParties create themselves.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

City Life Producer John McDonough likes to say that when he votes he is not voting Republican or Democrat, but voting for Americans.  He wants to send Americans to Washington, to look after our business.  He thinks parties get in the way.

We are, in fact, all Americans, but we do have different political views.  So, transport yourself to Congress, where you are a shiny new US Representative from Massachusetts.  You were elected to represent the views of the votes, those who voted with you and those who voted against you.  You are, after all, an American, and one of 435 like Americans in the US House of Representatives.

There are a couple of key issues about which you feel strongly.  You wish to legislate in support of your ideas and ideals.  Below is a sample or sharply contrasted views, views often based upon underlying philosophical views:

One ViewDifferent View
KeynesChicago School
Man-made Global WarmingNormal Climatic Cycles
Restrict Gun OwnershipSecond Amendment
Single Payer Health CareFree Market Health Care
Graduated Income TaxFlat Tax Rate

Do you just wait for the vote to be called, or do you team up with others who think like you?  Is it possible that there are people who think like you on a number of the issues listed and also on some other issues?  Is there some danger that you and your like thinking brethren will sort of drift together to accomplish your aims?  Maybe in a year or so you and your friends might group together to make sure everyone gets reelected?

At what point are you a member of a dreaded "party"?

Regards  —  Cliff


Craig H said...
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Craig H said...

Ack--typos. Trying again:

Parties do get in the way, unless and until the list of (six) convenient differences of opinion matches exactly the number of political parties. You say you have opinions on more than one topic? You'd think this should reduce the number of parties, but, rather, it necessarily needs to increase the number of parties exponentially so that interests are properly aligned with supporters. Ah, but you say the object is associating in order to exert influence and/or wield power, so compromises on interests are always necessary. To which I would say, yes, political parties exist not to promulgate ideals, but to project power, and they necessarily do it without concern for our interests. Which brings us back to John's very prescient point, that our interests are best served by sending Americans to Washington, not D's or R's or what-have-you's. Otherwise, we are virtually guaranteeing someone with our power is acting against our interests. (Which is exactly what we have today).

No Stuff; No Road Rage said...

Firstly, in order for an organism to be able to self-organize it must have one entity consciousness at some level with a minimum of one common goal consisting of individuals supporting only the entity's goal and no individuals having any uniquely different goals. As humans we are not yet at the point in our evolution where our political structures can self-organize. G-d willing we will never get there.

Secondly, political parties are an expedient form for the masses to classify various political qualities. In making the decision to become Republican or Democrat we the people have an easy way to avoid researching all the nuances that go into understanding our three branches of the US government, constitutional laws, and federal legislative procedural processes. I for one do not have the time, nor even the interest, to accomplish all the education I would need to do to call myself an well informed voter. So I part compromise part delegate and choose to belong to the Independent party. This is because I have been dissatisfied with both the Republicans and Democrats past performances in the congress and the oval offices.
That was me however.

Thirdly, ask John for me if he just buys cars…and the maker of the car has no impact on his buying Toyota. If so, then perhaps I can interest him in a slightly resurrected pale blue Gremlin; though its maker's name escapes me at the moment. I think the Gremlin's addition to his funeral home's parking lot could be … heavenly?