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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


For John, BLUFI believe we have a special responsibility toward the Jews and Israel.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

With Ms Marine Le Pen and her Party threatening the current French Government, we have to consider issues such as why so many Jews are leaving France.  Of course Ms Le Pen denies the Holocaust, but then so do the Muslims living in France and elsewhere across the Maghreb and the Middle East.  One wonders why denial is such an important thing to some people.  One of the things that shows that Dwight D Eisenhower was pretty bright is the fact that he recognized the danger of denial right away the camps were liberated and thus documented what was found.

Which leads to the question of why folks are unhappy with Israel being where it is.  Here is a blog post on the issue, "Embracing the obvious truth".  The Blogger is Ms Caroline Glick.

Regards  —  Cliff

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Raising Sunshine said...

In addition to a Prime Minister, Israel needs a two branched parliament, one based like our senate on a fixed ratio of elected politicians, the other like our house of representatives based on population demographics, and a Supreme Court with the same responsibilities as our own. At the crux of this three branched Israeli government is the acknowledgement that Israel and Palestine are one and the same. Israel needs to give Palestine full voting rights and responsibilities and in return each citizen of Palestine needs to publicly vow to Allah to make peace with Israel.

Israel needs to allow the Palestinian refugees in the camps to return/migrate to the Negev desert and to allow them to build a community there with their own hands, with Israel giving them the bricks, mortar and other construction goods they need to fashion their homes. Then, and most importantly, Israel needs to promise not to exercise unlawfully take these lands and homes from the people in the future without adequate compensatory remuneration.

Without this solution even being discussed how can Israel and Palestine ever hope to dissolve their differences. Much as Israel and Palestine might not like to admit it, they are joined at the hip. The harder each side tries to tear itself from the other the harder the other side also tries.

And the underlying question remains…with so much religion in the region--Is there one man who trusts his G-d to be strong enough to unite them? Israel has been divided since biblical times with the northern 10 tribes and the southern country of Judea.

Isn't it about time they put aside their differences and both acknowledged their common father Abraham. G-d will not allow them to financially manage the vast oil fields offshore to their west until they can unite their house to at least a working domestic dispute level. The longer they refrain the longer they allow the arabs along the Arabian Sea, currently with oil, to plant and pay for seeds of discord between Hamas and Israel to keep them distracted with the eventual hope of governing these vast oil wells for themselves when their own oil runs out in less than 10 years. Does Israel and Hamas not know that all the surrounding Muslims, who are not Semites, see the Palestine arabs and the Israeli Jews both a Semite cancer. Hamas is being used to destabilize Israel so as to keep the drilling and oil refineries in the Israel coastal waters from appearing as long as possible. Once the monies start coming in from these oil wells, all animosity towards Israel will subside since, according to Proverbs, the friends of a rich person are many. With these oil revenues Israel will have enough to remunerate Hamas for territorial disputes and enough funds to secure their borders with very well paid paid Hamas security guards, strange as that currently sounds.

Eventually if things go their current course, Israel will see the gassing of the Palestinian refugees in the camps along their borders to the shame of all of their surviving ancestors from the Holocaust who said "We were given our freedom from these camps, and it was enough…". Those who do not read history, and find a remedy to the difficulties presented in its pages, are doomed to watch it rhyme within their midst.