Saturday, September 27, 2014

Voter ID in Virginia

For John, BLUFVoting is important.  A little active protection is in order.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

At Pajamas Media Mark Obenshain considers the number of "Pinochios" The Washington Post deserves for its headline about 450,000 Virginia Voters without a qualifying identification.  Four.

Here is something to consider.  If you are blind here in Massachusetts and you have a Service Dog, the Service Dog has a photo ID.  While I am dead set against a national ID program, I do not see what the problem is with citizens getting a photo ID from their local State Government.  What do you do when you are buying booze?  If they ask for a photo ID do you whine and stomp your foot and make a scene rather than have a proper ID?  When you go for medical care do you get an exemption to the rule I have to follow regarding showing an ID?

Sure, walking down the street you shouldn't have to have an ID.  But we are talking about taking part in Government, actively.  I think flashing an ID is OK.  In fact, it might be therapeutic, a step along the path to becoming a full, participating citizen.

Was the article a form of BenSmithing?  Mr Obenshain seems to think so, although he doesn't use that term.

Hat tip to the Instapundit.

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