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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Country's Smartest Politician

For John, BLUFI think even FDR had a hard time at the six year point.  Lost 6 Senate Seats and 78 in the Lower House.

Yes, that would be former SF Mayor, former Speaker of the California Assembly, best dressed man in California, Willie Brown.

Breitbart has a short snipped from Mayor Willie Brown:

"I'd have Obama on an evangelistic schedule of black churches all over the country," said Brown.  "I think he really should go to the black base.  I don't think there's any other place I would trust he wouldn't create an adverse reaction rather than a positive reaction."
The Breitbart comment was extracted from an article in the The New York Times.  The lede from the Old Grey Lady:
When he soared to victory by almost 10 million votes in 2008, President Obama won in states like Virginia that Democratic candidates had not captured since 1964.  He was trumpeted as a transformational leader who remade American politics by creating a new electoral map and a diverse voter coalition to shape the Democratic Party for the 21st century.
There is something sad in this transformation as it has progressed.  Ah, what might have been.

Regards  —  Cliff

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