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Monday, October 20, 2014

Going to the Well Once Too Often

For John, BLUFMost women I know think about more than birth control.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Earlier I mentioned Ms Tina Brown on MSNBC and her evaluation of President Obama and his impact on the Congressional races.

Now along comes blogger and Law Professor Ann Althouse with a piece playing off a piece in Politico:

Manu Raju has a piece Politico called "Obama’s standing with women hurts Senate Dems," which studiously loads the blame on Obama for the flagging power of the old war-on-women politics:
Here is what Reporter Raju writes:
In battleground states across the country, Obama is underwater with female voters — especially women unaffiliated with a political party — and it’s making it harder for Democrats to take advantage of the gender gap, according to public polling and Democratic strategists....
"Take advantage of the gender gap"?  Is this the war on women meme?  Professor Althouse, who presents as a woman, refers to it as "hammering on the female organs".

After a decent discussion, Professor Althouse ends thusly:

What worked before might not work again, and when it seems not to be working, doing it more and harder might make it worse.  We may see your desperation, see what you are trying to do, and that's exactly what will make it not work.  Women have a full range of interests, not just the interest in maintaining control over our reproductive function, and once you've made it obvious that you think you can have us because we do care about that, we might find your approach insulting and offensive.
Oh, and Professor Althouse notes that the emphasis on "women's issues" in Colorado has resulted in Senator Mark Udall being mocked as Senator Mark Uterus.  That can't be good.

Hat tip to Ann Althouse.

Regards  —  Cliff

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