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Monday, June 1, 2015

Bush Lied?

For John, BLUFThis issue is now locked into Progressive lore  Mr Woodward pushes back.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Over at the Althouse Blog was an item from Mr Chris Wallace's interview with Reporter Bob Woodward on Fox News Sunday.  This was the week before.  The transcript is here.

Here is the paragraph in question:

[Y]ou certainly can make a persuasive argument it was a mistake.  But there is a time that line going along that Bush and the other people lied about this.  I spent 18 months looking at how Bush decided to invade Iraq.  And lots of mistakes, but it was Bush telling George Tenet, the CIA director, don’t let anyone stretch the case on WMD.  And he was the one who was skeptical.  And if you try to summarize why we went into Iraq, it was momentum.  The war plan kept getting better and easier, and finally at the end, people were saying, hey, look, it will only take a week or two.  And early on it looked like it was going to take a year or 18 months.  And so Bush pulled the trigger.  A mistake certainly can be argued, and there is an abundance of evidence.  But there was no lying in this that I could find.
Hat tip to Ann Althouse.

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