Sunday, June 21, 2015

Long Wave Waffle

For John, BLUFProminent Democrats, from Nancy Pelosi to E Warren to Bernie Sanders, are saying no to the Presidents request for authority to negotiate a trans-pacific trade deal.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Writing in The International New York Times Ms Maureen Dowd gives us "Trade Winds Blow Ill for Hillary".  From several paragraphs into the column we have:
Now Hillary says she is unsure about the pact and would likely oppose giving President Obama the special authority to negotiate trade deals for an up-or-down vote in Congress.  As a future president, of course, she would want the same authority to negotiate trade deals that Obama is seeking in the messy Capitol Hill donnybrook.

But as a candidate pressured by progressives like Warren and Bernie Sanders and by labor unions, she turned to Jell-O, shimmying around an issue she had once owned and offering an unpleasant reminder of why “Clintonian” became a synonym for skirting the truth.

It depends on what your definition of trade is — and trade-off.

Hat tip to Drudge Report.

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