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Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Democrat Case for Voter ID

For John, BLUFFrankly, Democrats are pandering for votes.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

There are always at least three sides to every issue.  Yesterday I wrote about Ms Hillary Clinton suggesting that we register everyone to vote on their 18th Birthday.

Then, reading the 21 May issue of The New York Review of Books I came across an article by Author Elizabeth Drew, "Big Dangers for the Next Election".  It is a review of two books, Democracy and Justice:  Collected Writings, edited by Desiree Ramos Reiner, Jim Lyons, Erik Opsal, Mikayla Terrell, and Lena Glaser, and The Voting Wars: From Florida 2000 to the Next Election Meltdown, by Richard L. Hasen.

Ms Drew presents the Democrat case, but does not present a complete picture.  There are the evil Republicans and the Democrats fighting for truth, justice and the American way.  No mention of Massachusetts House Speaker Tom Finneran and the way he did redistricting such that he broke up Chelmsford like a soda cracker. 

I see two points that Ms Drew seems to have elided in her article.

First, she mentioned the registration of non-citizens, but seems to think that it is OK, since it helps Democrats.

Second, she totally misses the question of the long term economic impact of such a large number of American Citizens without a photo identification.  How do these people participate in the American economy?  How do they cash checks?  How do they get jobs?  How do they achieve upward mobility?  This is a question that needs to be asked, and answered.  And some Republican should jump on it.

Regards  —  Cliff

  As of last evening there was one comment, which failed to address a number of the points raised, but it was nicely snarky.
  It did get him in a little bit of trouble, what with wiping out Ms Carol Cleven, a Republican, and forcing her into retirement, and then sort of fudging his answers.
  One of the places we bank here in Lowell used to have a sign saying that TWO photo IDs are required to cash a check.  I am glad they are back to just one, if they are, and haven't just taken down the sign on the counter.

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