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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Operation NEPTUNE

For John, BLUFOverlord was a complex undertaking with several possible points of failure, but everyone worked together to make it happen.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Yes, Operation NEPTUNE is the amphibious invasion of France on 6 June 1944, 71 years ago today.  It was the key part of the larger Operation OVERLORD.

But, like all major operations, there were things that went on before.  For example, there were the US Army weather personnel on Greenland, who had the data for a forecast that gave General Eisenhower the confidence to launch the operation.  There was the Pointblank Directive, initiating the bomber offensive that effectively won air superiority over the beaches, with BIG WEEK, 20-25 February 1944 being a major factor in defanging the Luftwaffe.  But, before that, in the 1930s, there was Major Earl Hancock Ellis and his amphibious doctrine and Mr Andrew Higgins and his landing craft.

And there was the Anglosphere.  Even though we are a people separated by a common language we have a lot in common that allowed us to work together, the US, the Canadians and the Brits.  This is something we should not lose.  The UK is not Europe and we have a special bond and it pays off from time to time.

Regards  —  Cliff

  I am told that at some conference much time was lost because the American side was opposed to the British side wishing to table a motion.  To the British it meant put it on the table and discuss it, while to the Americans the phrase meant to put it on the side of the table and forget about it for now.
  And I am not even English—Welsh and Irish.  Some of the oppressed people.  Plaid Cymru and all that.

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