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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What Did You Mean?

For John, BLUFApplications for the application here in Lowell?  Nothing to see here; just move along.

This is an interesting article about modern technology and the barrier of language differences.  The source is Voice of America"New App Helps North Korean Defectors Bridge Language Divide"
On the Korean peninsula, the tense boundary known as the demilitarized zone is not the only thing that separates the North and South.  The war seven decades ago also created a division in how Koreans speak their language.  And for many newly arrived North Korean defectors in the South, learning new words and expressions makes resettling even more challenging.  A new smartphone app could help these refugees overcome the linguistic division.

When some South Koreans hear the way North Koreans speak, they say it sounds old fashioned or even a little strange.

It is not only due to a different accent.

After so many years of division and lack of contact between the two countries, some words and phrases that North Koreans use today went out of style in the South years ago or had their meanings changed.  And thanks to globalization in South Korea, there are many new words here that do not exist in the North.

This language barrier causes a sort of culture shock for many of the 28,000 North Korean defectors who now live in the South said Sokeel Park of the refugee support group Liberty in North Korea, LiNK.

There is more at the link. Regards  —  Cliff

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