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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Future of Newspapers

Marie Sweeney posted to the Richard Howe Blog Tuesday AM, talking about the situation in Denver with the Rocky Mountain News. (As an aside, when I lived in Colorado the newspaper was known as the Rocky Mountain Spotted Rag, after the disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever). There are three comments to the post. The first and third is by someone who calls himself "Prince Charming." The middle (second) one is by yours truly. (The author of the post, Marie Sweeney, who often publishes at the Blog. Marie lives in Tewksbury and is active in Democratic Party Politics.)

Then Richard Howe comes up with a discussion of if a focus on local news is the hope of newspapers. He does this by talking about a new Boston Globe web site, "Your Town," which is currently limited to Newton, Waltham and Needham. And, there is the whiff of a law suit by someone who thinks they are being ripped off by The Globe.

For sure, someone needs to be thinking about the future of news. My understanding is that The Sun is doing some thinking.

Regards -- Cliff

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