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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

As the old year passes away and the new one comes into sight, it is time to pass warm greetings to all.

I took my wife out to dinner this evening, after Mass (don't people know the First of January is a Holy Day of Obligation?).

While we where at dinner, and as we contemplated desert, we got a phone call on our cell phone from a friend of ours who is going overseas in a few days to be part of the Army's involvement in the Long War. She is going as a civilian, but she is taking body armor. One of the things we don't often think about is that we have a lot of civilians involved in Iraq and Afghanistan (and elsewhere, I am sure). These are not just people from the Foreign Service. There are DoD civilians and civilians from other Government agencies and there are tens of thousands of contractor personnel. All helping with the Long War, all working in some way to reduce the threat of terrorism and to help other nations that are having their problems, some worse than others. So here is best wishes for the new year to our friend S. And, yes, I ordered the book you recommended.

And, I notice that Alyssa has signed up as a follower. She is doing what I should have done years ago--gone to law school at night. I wish her the best of luck in the new year.

In fact, the best of luck to all of us.

Happy New Year

Regards -- Cliff

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