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Monday, December 15, 2008

The Ice Storm

Our Ice Storm, which began Thursday night and was in full swing by Friday morning, is long gone, but the impact is still with us. My part of Lowell never lost power, but a few blocks from me they did. A number of my fellow workers are without electricity or are using a backup generator or just staying with family or friends or at some motel. Marie, over at the Richard Howe Blog, lost electricity and found refuge in Burlington. Some businesses are losing money--two 99 Restaurants I drive past in the Lowell area were shuttered for at least two days. On the other hand, when my wife and I had dinner at the Outback on Saturday we were told there was a long waiting line on Friday evening.

Ron Smits blogged about it here. He lost electricity and he thought about the folks working to restore it.

We don't think about it, but in conditions like Friday and Saturday the utility workers are at increased risk. They have to bundled against the cold or they will get hypothermia and not be able to work. That extra clothing is clumsy and they are still wet and cold and tired and it is dark. It would be easy for any of them to make a mistake and they are dealing with high voltage. We should respect their courage and dedication. And maybe say thanks some day when we get a chance.

Our City Manager here in Lowell, Bernie Lynch, blogged about the ice storm here. There is some good information in his post.

I hope we are all back on the grid by Tuesday.

Regards -- Cliff

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