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Thursday, December 4, 2008

India and Pakistan and Iran

Regarding "going nuclear," as mentioned in the previous post, here is one person's view.

The author, Joe Collins, is a retired Army Colonel of my acquaintance, who currently teaches at the National War College, but was, at one time, first Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Stability Operations.

While he is more optimistic than I about the several potential outcomes of Iran obtaining a nuclear weapons capability, he does use that key phrase--"The Day After." We should all be thinking about "The Day After."

Does Mumbai make a difference? Worthy of discussion. The Comments Section is open.

Regards -- Cliff

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JoeS said...

The atrocity in Mumbai should waken the world to the scourge of terrorists within every society, some worse than others. Maybe the only realistic defense is providing true opportunity to all citizens. The world has been heading in the opposite direction, with a widening separation of wealth between the few and the masses. Recognition of this widespread problem may actually lessen the tension between the countries, as long as each takes actions to address the issues.

From recent news about the investigation:

NEW DELHI – A Pakistani militant group apparently used an Indian operative as far back as 2007 to scout targets for the elaborate plot against India's financial capital, authorities said Thursday, a blow to Indian officials who have blamed the deadly attacks entirely on Pakistani extremists.

As investigators sought to unravel the attack on Mumbai, stepping up questioning of the lone captured gunman, airports across India were put on high alert amid fresh warnings that terrorists planned to hijack an aircraft.