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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Right Wing?

Early this morning I was described by a very nice person I know to one of her colleagues as the writer of a "right wing" blog.* I am a person my wife describes as a RINO--Republican in Name Only. And maybe she is correct--my wife, not the other lady. And, if that wasn't enough, I arrived at work and one of my compatriots commented that she had read my post on the cost of a college education and thought that I had failed to take a strong stand--wishy washy is what I heard her saying, although she was too nice to use those words.

I see myself as being a middle of the road kind of person who is interested in what is a problem, what is causing the problem and what are the consequences of any proposed solutions. When I say consequences, I am talking not only immediate consequences, but second and third order consequences. I once read somewhere that the solution to any problem contains the seeds of a new problem. I believe that.

One of my hero's is Dorothy Day. But, so is Ronald Reagan. And Will Kane--the Marshall, not the blogger.

OK, I will try to put a little starch into the Blog.

Regards -- Cliff

* I did take advantage of the opportunity to pass out my URL.

1 comment:

C R Krieger said...

I have seen this quote recently and found it at Fructus Ventris.

"I am not a beatnik, I am a Catholic."
Jack Kerouac

Even if he never said it, I think it is a great quote.

Regards -- Cliff